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RealKey End-to-End Transaction Management

RealKey End-to-End Transaction Management
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RealKey provides end-to-end transaction management for the entire homebuying and mortgage ecosystem.

RealKey is a browser based transaction management system, which brings all the parties of buying a house and getting a mortgage into a single unified portal where all communication, updates, information, and documentation collection is automated through and intuitive UI and robust algorithms built by the nation’s top mortgage originator and Intuit’s CTO/GM of Innovation. RealKey is the universal way to apply for a mortgage, buy a house, and store all your pertinent information for future access.

The RealKey ID attached to each consumer and/or property can be shared to buy or refinance with any lender or realtor via an open API, containing all the data needed from a consumer to buy or finance a home. Documentation and info gathering has been automated through integrations like Intuit, ADP/Paychex, and Mint to help users buy a house and get a mortgage in as little as a single day, regardless of who they choose to do business with.

RealKey, home buying and financing has never been simpler.

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