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zavvie Automated Hyperlocal Listing Lead Generation

zavvie Automated Hyperlocal Listing Lead Generation
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zavvie is the automated hyperlocal listing lead generation platform that delivers qualified leads to a network of trusted brokers, teams and agents.

Hyperlocal is the best business in real estate, and zavvie is here to help neighborhood experts connect with homeowners in their neighborhood.

The #1 reason sellers choose an agent is neighborhood market expertise. HyperLocal knowledge even edged out a trusted referral in two major industry studies! HyperLocal seller closes are 4x more valuable than ‘cross town’ buyer closes because they spin off more closes – nearby listings, double-ends, and open house buyers.. zavvie is strategically leveraging technology, proprietary software, and industry expertise within a single powerful system that combines all the latest tools to build a HyperLocal business for our agents and teams.

Real estate brokers and agents recognize that above all else, consumers want neighborhood expertise:

  • HyperLocal marketing is the best way to bridge the gap between the consumer need for neighborhood information and the lack of high-quality information online.
  • zavvie utilizes the latest technology to help our neighborhood savvy partners grow their business.
  • zavvie takes on all of the marketing risk by generating leads, qualifying those leads and then delivering high-quality referrals.

Ready for more listings? Get HyperLocal. Get zavvie.

July 7, 2018

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